Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

We enjoyed a really terrific Father's day today. We went to one of our favorite parks, Bothell Landing with Papa. Unfortunately nana Kay had to work so she wasn't able to join us. We enjoyed a Quiznos picnic, Sydney and papa played soccer, Sydney played on the swings and slide, we fed the ducks, took a walk and enjoyed the awesome 70 degree weather. Ahh how we love this weather!

We only had one injury-poor Sydney was running along and stepped off the trail which is normally not a big deal since it's mostly surrounded by grass but she stepped onto this gravel hill area and actually rolled twice down the gravel hill into sticker bushes. Luckily she didn't hit her head and just had a few scratches. She's been talking about "falling on the rocks" all afternoon. We put a cute bumblebee bandaid on her "injury" and she is doing just fine.

On the way home we stopped by Lowes and Anthony picked out his Father's day gift-a pressure washer. I admit I am excited about this purchase because I can't wait to start pressure washing some stuff! Weird, I can't believe I just said that. We went to dinner at one of our fave burger places and ended the evening with a nice walk around the neighborhood with Sydney on her trike. She calls it her Santa trike since Santa brought it for her for Christmas.

All in all it was a perfect Father's day. Papa e-mailed me to tell me he had an incredible Father's day so fun was had by all.

Happy Father's day to all the wonderful dads out there! I feel so lucky to have such amazing dads in our family-my hubby Anthony, my dad and Pop-o. You guys are truly the best and we are blessed to have such wonderful dads in the family.

Here are some pictures from our afternoon:

Papa and Sydney playing soccer. If you didn't already know this my dad actually retired from soccer recently after playing for over 20 years. After multiple injuries over time, a doctor visit between my dad and the doctor went something like this: You can either choose to play soccer for a few more years or you can choose to still be able to walk at age 70. Not surprisingly my dad hung up his soccer cleats. So now his soccer attention is focused on the next soccer star in the family-although I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up coaching Sydney one day in soccer. This of course after griping that the coaches don't know what they're doing, and he could do a better job. Haha, mark my words.

Putting the sunblock on-but I mainly took this picture because of the sunbather in the background. This guy just had shorts on and was soaking up the 70 degree weather for some sort of tan. He was out there for hours, and it looks like he is wearing a white body suit but that's actually his pale white skin. Ahh, only in Seattle. You have to remember we've only had like 5 sunny days this spring so people are taking whatever they can get!!!

Feeding the ducks and geese
Riding the tractors at Lowes. Every time we pass Lowes Sydney says, "Go to Lowes, they have tractors and toys." She sits on every single tractor in the place, moves the steering wheel and "honks" the horn.
Mmm, sweet potato fries

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Tunky said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome day! Loved all of the outside pics:) This summer I feel like we are going to have way more bumps and bruises than last year-oh boy!