Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last day of school

Last night was Family Night at Sydney's school, the culmination of the toddler program at the community college.
We have enjoyed this program so much. Sydney looked forward to school each week and enjoyed painting, playing in the water at the sensory table, singing songs, and most of all taking all the clothes off the babies and strolling them around class naked. Every single class. Yup, that's my child.
Family night was a potluck and a chance for the kiddos to show their daddy's what they do each week. Sydney was so excited to show Anthony everything, on the way to class she had a running list of everything she wanted to show him. We played, ate and sang the last of the songs.
I took some pictures, but sadly I had the camera on some funky setting and they are all grainy...grrr. Here's the class:

The class-kinda. The two girls on the left are Sean's older twin sisters (the boy wearing the firehat.) I think we're missing a kid or two here too. Getting toddlers together for a pic is definitely a challenge!
Sydney, Matthew and Samantha were still giving up smiles long past the photo op...
The three amigos and their teachers, teacher Terrie and teacher Penny.
Giving last hugs

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