Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blissful summer

I just finished reading "O at Home" and they provided recommendations on how to have the most blissful summer ever.

That sounds good to me. Sydney is at a great age to do so many fun things. We have a terrific group of friends we get to hang out with this summer. And next summer I will have an almost four year old (wait, what?) and 6 month old. Next summer will definitely be quite a bit different. So here is what we have planned to have our most blissful summer ever...

*Appreciate the sun-if it ever decides to make an appearance
*A playdate at least once a week with the friends
*Hang out with Sydney at the beach
*Spend some time at Jetty Island
*Play outside every day
*Visit the local farmer markets
*Hit up our fave Children's Museum frequently
*Hang out at the new spray parks in our area
*Eat dinner outside often
*Have friends over for bbq's
*Date nights with the hubby
*Go to a drive in movie
*Explore every park within 5 miles of our house-there are tons!
*Take the ferry to Friday Harbor or one of the San Juan islands for the day
*Have a playdate at the inflatable bounce place once or twice
*Take walks around the neighborhood each night
*Run through the sprinklers-and I don't mean just Sydney
*Work on my tan
*Watch a little less Dora the Explorer
*Enjoy our only organized activity this summer-Mommy and Me Soccer
*Enjoy the Kids Concerts in the Park series through the local library
*Also enjoy the regular concerts in the park they offer around the Puget Sound
*Play outside until it gets dark out-didn't we all do that as kids??
*Have a great road trip down to California this summer and see things I keep meaning to see
*Play with more sidewalk chalk and bubbles than I ever imagined possible
*Have lots of picnics
*Let Sydney have five more minutes when she is having fun playing and not ready to end the fun

So my friends, I ask you-what are you doing this summer to have your most blissful summer ever?
And for my blogging friends-tag, you're it!

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JessicaT said...

omg...we always played til the sun went down! I loved your list. I need to make one. Hope we are included in your playdates! LOL Love you guys