Sunday, June 1, 2008

This week in pictures

We had a fun and busy week!

We met up with my friend and former boss Kate, her mom Margaret, and Kate's niece Mya and nephew Lucas for lunch at La Palmera, yummy. (I'm finally starting to feel like Mexican food again!) We had a great visit and shared pregnancy stories since Kate is seven weeks ahead of me.
I couldn't get over her niece, Mya. She is only 4 1/2 months older than Sydney but her vocabulary is amazing, and she looked so much older than Sydney! Sydney is on the low end of the percentiles while Mya is on the high end. It was fun to catch up. Here are the girls:

The next day we hit the outlet malls up in Marysville with the usual suspects- Lisa, Kristin, Samantha, Jacob and Cole. We were actually there for close to four hours and the kids did great. Well, the girls did get into bit of mischief. At the Gap store, all the racks had 20%, 30% and 40% off paper signs. The girls decided to remove all the signs, seriously in a matter of seconds. I set the stack of discount signs on a shelf and decided it was time to head on out. Oops.

I think we all walked away with some great deals. We laughed because we didn't buy ourselves anything, it was all for the kids. Here are some more pictures of the kiddos:
Sydney loved sitting in the sit and stand stroller with Samantha and baby Jacob
The following day was Cordelia's 5th birthday party! She had her pirate party at the park and Sydney had a great time-although she probably enjoyed playing on the park toys the most. My kid is a park junkie. The kids went on a treasure hunt, had a pinata and even played a little soccer. They had a blast!

The birthday girl

Ivy and Sydney changed the rules on this game-the kids were supposed to toss the rings, the girls decided to place them on top of the pirate ship
Pirates Ivy and Sydney
Princess pirate
Angie and her girls
Sydney giving the pinata a good whack
Playing some soccer with Kaden

And today-Sydney with two of her favorite boys, Cameron and Kaden. She asked me several times today to take a picture of her with them.


Tunky said...

Would you just look at all those cute children! Sydney has an awesome group of friends! Lucky Girl:)

FlyingCats said...

What a busy week!!!! It was so nice seeing you and Sydney last week. She is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hay Princess Pirate! Can I barrow your RUBY ring?? Yarr, yarr... Love, Pirate Mam-O