Monday, June 9, 2008


Last week we had our final playdate with Courtland, baby Ada and Trista.

I met Trista on a September 2005 birthday club message board a while back-Sydney and Courtland even share the exact same birthday!! (I think this is so cool!!) Trista and her family moved out here when her husband was transferred to Fort Lewis for the Army and we had some pretty fun playdates. Her husband is now being transferred to the mid-west (wait, that's where we lost Traci to also...what's with the mid-west getting all our friends?) so they are packing up and getting ready to move back. The great thing for them is Trista's family is close by and when you have a couple kids that is a very important thing. We will definitely miss our friends. Trista is a sweetheart and I've enjoyed her friendship, and her kids are terrific-adorable and well behaved too.
So here are the pics of the kids:

Courtland, Ada and Sydney
Courtland and Sydney-what's funny about these pictures is you see Courtland feeding a baby in both, however most the playdate he was using a drumstick as a gun. He is ALL boy!! (Anthony loved it of course.)
Ada hasn't received the memo she is just turning one. She is hilarious, she does things a 3 or 4 year old would do. She literally crawled into the shopping cart in 10 seconds flat.
My all time favorite picture of Sydney and Courtland. This was taken last spring, how cute are these two? They could easily pass for twins.

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Jessica Zevely said...

I can't wait till Friday! Yay!!!

Love you guys!