Monday, March 31, 2008

Sydney update

First of all, thanks for all the well wishes and support for Sydney. That means a lot to us.
Secondly, she is doing great! Last night you would have never known she was just at the hospital a few hours earlier. About 9pm she was bouncing around, playing, talking up a storm, and ate a ton of dinner. She went to bed pretty late but slept well. Last night her temperature was 99.8 and this morning it was 98.9, so really she's just fine fever wise. She's really into stories now, so I told her the story of what happened yesterday. She didn't remember the seizure, the paramedics or ambulance ride at all, which is good. She has been talking about the "man" at the hospital and her boo boo, but that's about it. The paramedics gave her a pink cow in the ambulance so she loves her new friend.

We have a follow up doctor appointment tomorrow with our family doctor and they will test her for a UTI then. So that's about it! She's upstairs reading in the bed, her normal routine before she goes to sleep.

The good thing about febrile seizures is that kids outgrow them by age 5. The seizures don't affect them neurologically at all, and she will not grow up and experience more seizures. It's just a scary scary thing that causes more harm to the parents than the kids.

And here's Sydney today-she loves her doll stroller, although she likes to sit in it most often. Today she figured out she can fit into the storage bin in the back

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not so fun Sunday

Sydney had a febrile seizure today. Unfortunately I know what this is because she had her first one in January 2007. Basically it happens to kids ages 1-5 when they get a temperature that rises very quickly. They are small and their body can't handle a fast rising fever so the body goes into seizure mode, which in turn brings down the fever a bit.

Our day started off normal enough. Anthony was off doing his shooting competition and Sydney and I were hanging out and playing. We ate lunch, and she was acting 100% normal. She didn't feel warm or complain of feeling sick. I put her down for a nap and she only slept for about an hour so I decided to take her into our room to lay down with her so she would fall asleep again. (She normally sleeps for two hours so I wanted her to get a bit more sleep.) She felt warm when I put her down in our bed, but she's always warm. She is a warm blooded kid and HATES blankets when she sleeps. Anyway, we were laying there, she was telling me, "Nice nose mommy" and "Mommy has two eyes", basically normal conversations if she is sleeping with us. Five minutes later I felt her start moving around and I assumed it was a nightmare at first, but then I realized her eyes were in the back of her head and she was thrashing around like crazy. She wasn't "there." I immediately put her on her side, called 911 and took off her clothes. This one was different than the last one though because she was a lot more physical (the thrashing around) and it lasted longer.

The paramedics were at our house in five minutes, and they decided to take us to the hospital so we rode in the ambulance. Her temp when they arrived was 101.8, so really not that high. Most likely she was at 103 or so when she had her seizure. Sydney woke up when we were halfway there, crying. We were at the hospital for probably close to two hours, they checked her out, gave her some more meds, etc. Anthony met us at the hospital, along with Nana and Papa. (Thanks guys, I was so glad to have you there!!!)
Now she's upstairs sleeping, which she's been doing since we left the hospital two and a half hours ago.

This is probably one of the scariest thing a parent can ever go through. Even though this time I knew what it was, I was still freaked out and thinking my daughter was dying. Especially because this one was different than the last one. It was a lot more physical and longer in duration. I started questioning if it was really a febrile seizure or not.
The first time around I had never heard of a febrile seizure, and was hysterical and had no idea what to do. I was definitely a lot more calm this time, but still pretty scared. The first one Sydney did have a fever beforehand, and it was brought on by an undiagnosed ear infection. She was probably at 103 temp at that time. This time there was no warning, which was the scariest. The fever came on so incredibly quick and her ears are clean, no infection. We still need to test her for a UTI to see if that caused the fever.

So yeah-moms, remember this story and what to do if it happens to you. Febrile seizures are actually fairly common. Also, the doctor the first time around told us Motrin works way better for fevers than Tylenol so have some on hand. He suggested that when the fever gets high alternate every three hours between Tylenol and Motrin until it comes down. I used to only use Tylenol and it definitely doesn't work as well at Motrin.

I woke Sydney up at 8:30pm to give her Motrin and to feed her since she hasn't eaten since noon. She woke up chatting away, talking about her boo boo. She feels like she is normal temperature so I haven't taken her temperature yet. She's also eating quite well-she's had Dora chicken noodle soup, hot dog and cheese. haha, nice combination huh?

Anyway, here's the proof she is feeling well-
Sydney showing her boo boo (the hospital tag on her leg)
I ran into Bartell Drugs on the way home to pick up more Motrin and Tylenol. I saw the iced animal cookies and knew she would love them-which she does! Here is Sydney showing off her new favorite cookie

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Ivy!

Today we went to Ivy's 3rd birthday party! We had a great time at the party, although I have to say it's also kind of difficult-Sydney is 5 months younger than Ivy and the next kiddo to celebrate a birthday. Ivy turning three means Sydney is turning three in just a matter of months, argh!!

We had a fun time and the kids had a great time playing, they are all close in age and get along great. Sydney was a tad anti-social though because Ivy and Cordelia have the best toys ever. She pretty much hung out in the front room the whole time playing with the kitchen, house and other fun toys they have. (They do have some awesome toys too.)
The birthday girl Ivy!
The kids table
Present time!
Sydney and Kaden
Princess Sydney
Where Sydney spent 98% of her time today
I'm using this picture of Kaden as blackmail in about 12 years.
Sydney and her Dora!
Angie gave this present to Sydney when we were leaving and oh boy, does she love this thing. In fact right now she is taking a nap with Dora as the pillow.
It was so hilarious-we left the party the same time as Leiann and Kaden. Either Kaden said, "Dora mine" or "That mine" or something along those lines. Well, Sydney is a tad possessive of her toys, especially her favorite ones, so she yelled back, "Dora MINE!" Then Kaden yelled back, "Dora MINE!" The whole way to the cars the kiddos were yelling back and forth, "Mine, mine mine." Oh my goodness, it was hilarious. I tried explaining to Sydney that Kaden was just messing with her but she wasn't having it. The whole 4 minute drive home Sydney kept saying, "Mine Kaden, Dora MINE!" Oh, the joy of two year olds.

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's snowing!

It's snowing in the 'burbs of Seattle. It's 36 degrees right now so it's not sticking but it's fun to look at nonetheless. Of course my big kid Anthony (hubby) keeps talking about how he wishes it was colder so it would stick. He loves the snow, especially doing donuts in his car in it. My little kid Sydney keeps talking about building a nowman with daddy. She was the one who told me earlier, "It nowing, it nowing!" She loves the now, I mean snow.

Here's a picture of the snow, although it really just looks like my picture has some white dots on it.
It's now an hour later and it's sticking! Check it out!
I know what we'll be doing when Sydney wakes up from her nap....

Let's Rock Out!

Sydney gets her second wind every night before bedtime. It never fails, at 7:30pm or so she starts hopping and spinning around. We call these our dance parties because I turn up the music and the whole family dances around. One time I mentioned we were going to rock out and ever since then she comes up to me at night and says, "Let's rock out!"

Last night I played the real, "Big girls don't cry" along with Sydney's new favorite song, "Barbara Ann" by the Beach Boys. She loves the 50's and 60's. I attempted to show her all the dance moves her grandparents used back when they were teenagers but well, I think Syd would be better off learning the monkey, the twist, the swim and the pony by the people who really know how to do it.

That got me thinking-what dance moves will I show her from our generation? The thriller dance, the hammer dance, the moonwalk, the Molly Ringwald, and the electric slide? Sadly I can't do these very well, so I better start brushing up now. Looking back at junior high dances, everyone just danced. Tiffany, New Kids on the Block or Guns N Roses came on and you just rocked out. Okay, maybe we didn't rock out to Tiffany but you know what I mean.

Anyway, here's my kid and the hub rocking out last night to some good tunes from the 60's.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Park Hopping

Today Sydney and I went to three parks, yup-we're park junkies. It was such a nice day we had to get out and enjoy it, so this is how the day went down.

We started off with ballet, which of course was fun. Then we headed over to "fix" Sydney's bangs. Okay, I know everyone has noticed Sydney's bangs are pretty bad. I was holding out until we saw Gram-o here in a few weeks (we're flying down to Sacramento for a long weekend) however we just couldn't wait that long. I decided to take Sydney to a regular salon-we're done with the kiddo places. It was a very nice salon and I might start going there for my hair actually. I mean it was the official salon of Seattle's fashion week-I'm sure that's right up there with the NY show, right? haha. Anyway, they did a great job and bang trims are free so it was a win win. And check out these bangs- short but pretty darn straight-

After the bang trim we headed over to a park I had seen before but never been to. We live near very large planned communities with dozens of neighborhoods and parks so we checked out one of those. It was fun and Sydney had a great time-
Sydney is so warm blooded-she won't sleep with blankets at night and still wakes up warm, but if it's colder than 60 degrees she needs mittens on her hands.
She loved the tire swing!
After her nap we decided to meet up with Kristin and Cole at our regular park, and the kids had so much fun. They loved chasing after each other and just had a blast-

Here's Sydney hopping/skipping/galloping-she does this when she is so happy and excited, it's cute.
Sydney and Cole giving each other kisses-they just love each other so much! Ahh, love this picture

And of course Sydney didn't want to go home so we decided to look for this great park a mom we met a few days ago told us about. I drove around a bit, couldn't find it, then ding ding ding, I remembered I could enter the park name into my car's navigation and we found it. Man I love navigation. It was a great park but it was pretty cold and starting to get dark so we just played for a few minutes. Here's Sydney at the cool park-
Apparently they have ducks too, which will be fun with the kids.
Sydney tried our her new portable potty at the park too-love it. This thing is the best! I'm so proud of my little girl! Today is day four of doing the die hard potty training and she is doing so well. She's had a couple accidents, but eh, no biggie. She is going on the potty, even at public places, and is doing great. I am being very proactive and tell her (not ask her) that it's time for Sydney to potty and she does. Sometimes she tells me when she has to go but not all the time so I just need to keep doing this. Diapers are something like 25 cents each so I told Anthony today that Sydney has already saved us $5! Woo hoo. Although we spent that on her treat for doing so well on the potty last night. We were at the grocery store and we decided to make a big deal of buying her a treat for her good work. She has had plenty of candy recently so we went with the next best thing-baking utensils. We let her pick out a Sydney size spatula to use when she helps daddy with pancakes. She picked out an orange one of course, her favorite color. Wow, I never in a million years would guess that my two year old loved helping out in the kitchen so much, since I am so not a cook.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thanks Easter bunny, bawk bawk!

The Easter bunny came to the O house this morning! Sydney received a Disney Pooh bear laptop. She's actually been telling me she "needs own 'puter", silly girl. She was so excited to open up her own 'puter today from the Easter bunny! She also received some M&M's, her fave.

Then we headed over to Kaden's house to wish the birthday boy a happy birthday! Happy 2nd birthday Kaden! Here's Kaden on his special day, getting ready for his Easter birthday party. He was so hyped up already!

And here's Sydney and Kaden two years ago today, on Kaden's birth date!
Sydney's first chocolate bunny, no nap today so we needed to load up on the sugar instead!

Sydney kept telling me she ate bunny's ears and eyes.

Heading out to Nana and Papas!

The Easter bunny left Sydney more Easter presents at Nana and Papa's house
Mmm, chocolate
Another Easter Egg hunt!
Sydney showing Nana stretching techniques she learned at ballet
Nana and Sydney practicing Pilates
Sydney showing Nana how low she can go with her splits
All stretched out and ready for some bunny hops!
Break time! Mitch needed a walk, and so did Sydney

Playing with Papa
Walking on Papa's back, tada!
Nana's turn! Sydney loves walking up our legs and our backs, the kid has balance.
Who's that pretty girl in the mirror?

Anyone remember this commercial, circa 1984?

This was my favorite commercial as a kid. I love the phrase, "Thanks Easter bunny, bawk bawk!"
I taught Sydney the phrase this morning so she said it all day:

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