Saturday, January 19, 2008

Daddy's little girl

Sydney is such a daddy's little girl. She is attached to Anthony at the hip, and can't get enough of him. She asks me all day long, "Daddy home soon?" She loves every single second she spends with him and loves daddy-daughter time the most.

Sydney has always been my "decorator." Ever since she could walk she has been re-arranging our furniture, well the ones she can move anyway. I was making dinner and heard her moving the chairs around. When I looked to see what she was doing I saw she moved the placemat and the chair right next to daddy's chair. She wanted to sit right next to daddy. What a sweetie pie.

And here is daddy sitting next to her:

Yummy, good pizza! I used a beer bread mix for the crust and adding beer instead of just water really adds a lot of flavor. Sydney's crashed her trike a few times from all the alcohol but she'll be fine in no time. Kidding, the beer cooks out. Or "they" say it does at least.

No paparazzi please, I'm trying to eat pizza here:
Nice Santa cup huh? The kid is so afraid of Santa yet she still talks about him almost daily and loves this Santa cup.

The little princess and her daddy:

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