Thursday, January 31, 2008

The three musketeers

Yesterday we checked out the library storytime right next to Lisa's house, and it was great! The librarian read stories, but also had the kids do the hokey pokey and other songs and even did a craft at the end! We had a blast and we'll continue going to this storytime.

Afterwards we went to Samantha's house to play and eat lunch. Her house (like how it's hers and not her parents? hehe) has a great playroom upstairs which Sydney LOVES! The petal cottage with all the goods is the best. She has a ton of other toys too so the kids always really enjoy playing at Samantha's. Well that, and the racetrack downstairs. It's not really a racetrack but the kids love to run around it.

Sydney in her element-she is going to be such a good mommy one day! (Many, many years from now, like 28.) I love this cottage, I keep thinking about selling the bus to get this for Syd.

Samantha is such a good big sister to little Jake! She is very protective too and doesn't let anyone get too close.

These make great hats!
All the kids had to kiss little Jacob goodbye and goodnight!

Apparently this is how boys do it-head taps instead of kisses

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April said...

Gibson does the headtap thing too! It must be a boy thing.