Friday, January 25, 2008

Rocker chick

When Sydney was still in my belly she loved to rock out to AC/DC "Shook me all night long." Every single time I heard this song in the car she'd start kicking like crazy. I am pretty sure she was rocking out in the belly.

These days one of her favorite songs is, "Do Do Do Da Da Da" by the Police. Perhaps it's because she knows all the words but she asks for it all the time. Today we were watching Ellen and Heart was on performing "Baracuda." My rocker girl started rocking out, it was so hilarious. I guess my girl is a classic rock girl!

Here she is rocking out to "Baracuda"

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Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said... that is cute! Sydney would never strike me as the type to be into hard rock....maybe Simon and Garfunkel...but AC/DC...never! LOL! I love it! Just goes to show that she's going to take everyone by surprise!