Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Honeymoon Greg and Jessica!

Greg and Jessica leave tomorrow morning for their long awaited honeymoon! Sadly Jessica woke up sick with the flu this morning, poor girl. She's been throwing up and we are just crossing our fingers she'll feel better by tomorrow-not getting sick at least. The two are heading down to Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, and I couldn't be more envious-I really think I need a nice tropical vacation, and stat! Have a great time you guys!!

Here are some pictures from a couple weekends ago when Sydney had a fun slumber party with Geg and Dess-e-ca. (yes she finally calls Jessica by her name, sometimes. She still prefers CaCa.) So yes I post a lot on this blog, but there are so many pictures I don't post that I mean to post. These are some of them. Today Sydney told me, "I love Geg, I love Ca Ca." It was so cute, she just adores these two. I don't know what's going to happen when they have their own kids-I have a feeling Sydney is going to be jealous when the time comes. Hopefully not, but she is so clingy with these two that I think it's going to be hard for her to share.

Anyway-here we go-some pics from their fun day:

Cuddle time with Greg

Giving the baby a binky

Think she has fun or what???


Wehunthouse said...

are we sure its the flu? hmmmmm? :)

Stacy O said...

Haha, I asked the same question! Unfortunately she's not prego though. :(

FlyingCats said...

Ha! I thought the same thing as Is she shur?