Sunday, January 13, 2008

Girls weekend

Anthony worked all weekend so Sydney and I spent some quality weekend time together.
Yesterday we visited the Children's Museum in Everett. It was fun, but CROWDED. I remembered why we avoid these places on weekends. Normally when we go during the week there are a couple kids in each exhibit. Yesterday there were about 15 kids in each area and it was just pure craziness. Definitely a much more fun place when you have it to yourself.

Today Sydney and I went park hopping. We started off at a park down the street that I had wanted to check out for some time. Sydney wasn't impressed-she is all about the slides right now. This place was built for bigger kids. It had a merry go round, big rope climbing structure and swings. Of course she tried to climb the rope structure but really it's built for ten year olds not two year olds. We went to the ol' standby park that we frequent often. It has two slides and it's also very close to our house.

Tonight we took Nana and Papa to Chevy's restaurant, one of our faves. Last night when I was putting Sydney to bed I told her we were going to the park today. She said, "Papa, 'morrow?" I asked if she wanted to see Papa tomorrow and she said, "Yeah and Nana too. " She was having grandparent withdrawals, poor kiddo. She talks about both sets of grandparents all the time, it's so cute. Oh yes, and Mitch too-my dad and Kay's dog. She is so afraid of him but loves him just the same. Silly girl.

Back to the pics-
The slide at the museum

Stirring the pizza in the Italian cafe
The park

She loved running around. She kept running up the grassy hill saying, "Up." Then she'd run down and say, "down."
Here she is playing, "Dora." We went to this park with Cameron and one time the kids played Dora the Explorer in this little wooded area. As soon as we walked into it she said, "Dora, play Pameron." Good memory!
More slide
There were two kids with their battery motorized cars today at the park. This little boy was so funny. He got out of his car and popped open the hood to show me that he has an 800 hp engine. (that's what it said on the sticker and he wanted to show me.) He was very proud of the car. Sydney so badly wanted to drive these. When the little girl left her corvette, Sydney ran over and asked to sit in it. I think we know what Santa will have to bring next year huh? The girl loves her cars.
I thought this picture was so adorable of Sydney. Sorry Nana, I caught you in mid sentence.

Mmm, ice cream.

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