Monday, January 7, 2008

Too much

"Too much" is one of Sydney's favorite sayings. A long time ago we went to a play place and there were too many kids and too much going on. Sydney was ready to leave quite early. I asked her if it was just too much, and she said, "Yes, too much." She says that quite often now. I am stealing the phrase because right now I have many many pictures to add but I have been putting it off because it takes so long-it's too much. This is sounding familiar, perhaps I did a little of this in school too? Nah.

Sydney has mastered the art of undressing herself, and is getting pretty good at dressing herself too. Okay, so sometimes she doesn't match, yes it takes forever, sometimes the pants are on backwards. She feels so good when she does it herself though, she always says, "I did it!" (Yes, another Dora reference, see what I mean? ) So if you see my child dressed in red pants, a purple shirt, yellow socks and pink boots it's because she picked it out herself (or else daddy dressed her.) ;)

Sydney doing her best Urkel imitation. She put these pants on herself and hiked 'em up as high as they would go.

So proud! She picked this shirt out by herself too, and now that I am looking at it, it looks like it's on backwards.

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