Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today Sydney got a haircut! I was waiting until Grandma O came up because she does the best cuts and Sydney does really well for her but it just couldn't wait any longer.
Check this out-need I say more???

She was a bit nervous at first but she did really well and kept saying, "Haircut" while watching the cut in the mirror.

Afterwards we made a kitchen stop on the way out-the girl loves her kitchens. The stylists and owners didn't mind so we stayed a bit. Anyone else notice her bangs are crooked though? Just noticing it now while looking at the pictures. Sydney was squirming a bit when she was finishing so it was a tough job. Gram-o can make any necessary corrections upon her arrival in two weeks.
Afterwards goofing off at home

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Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

I think Hayden and Sydney have the same hair genes. It seems like we are having to cut his hair every 5 weeks or so!!! CRAZY! The hair cut looks great though. I don't think the bangs look crooked...but then again..when it comes to toddler hair cuts, my expectations are minimal! =)