Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today's activity

Today we met up with the posse for storytime at the library. It was packed! Apparently it's a very popular event in Mill Creek as we had to park waaayyyy up the street. The highlight of course was the parachute at the end:

Stopping at the park for a little playtime on the way out

Baby Jacob

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Or maybe the highlight was Mexican food afterwards? Lucky for me my friends enjoy Mexican food as much as I do.
Here's a funny video of the girls at La Palmera:

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Here's a happy Sydney with her own mail! Every day we get our mail and Sydney even reminds me to get the mail when we drive by the mailboxes but the mail is always for us, not Sydney. Today Sydney received the cutest card from her Greg and Jessica and she was so excited. She kept saying, "So nice" and I read the card to her several times.
I think I am going to start mailing her letters every week since she thought it was so special to receive her own mail.

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