Monday, January 14, 2008

Dancing with the girls

Sydney's friend Samantha joined her ballet class today! Sydney had so much fun having both Ivy and Samantha in her class. Samantha did great! She followed instructions so well and did a great job dancing. I can't wait for the big recital coming up in May. Watching these two year olds dance is really the cutest thing-some run around, some stand there and some actually dance. Sydney did a little of each one of these things today.

Lauren is the little girl in the class who loves to run around-usually back and forth in front of the mirror as she watches herself, it is so funny. As soon as Sydney walked into class today she grabbed her hands and they were playing ring around the rosie together.

Samantha, Ivy and Sydney after class

Just when I think Sydney is getting so big I see her next to other kids her age and I realize she's still a peanut. She does weigh 22 pounds on our home scale though, woo hoo!

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