Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Outside time!

Yesterday Sydney and I braved the cold weather (30 degrees) and played outside for a bit. She was so cold but she was outside and had a fun time. It was a fun 25 minutes.

100% concentration on the ladder
I don't know why this looks blue
Look mommy, frozen rocks!
After we went inside we put on our warm slippers and hung out near the fireplace to warm up. Here's Sydney with her bears-or as she calls them, her "brown beers." I think she's Canadian. Here's a ballet picture from yesterday morning. Nana and Papa came to watch Sydney and they enjoyed watching the girls dance. Here is Sydney with Lauren. This little girl is such a crack up and usually runs around the place, normally in front of the mirror watching herself. She loves to grab Sydney's hands for a little ring around the rosie before class starts.

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Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

LOL about the beers! Hayden says beers too! Isn't it the cutest! Kind of don't want that to ever correct itself!