Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Preschool already?

Today's discussion topic at Sydney's school was preschool. How do I almost have a preschooler? Open houses at preschools are starting now, and registration is next month-for September, crazy huh? I am pretty sure we are going to enroll Sydney in a little 3's program at a local preschool that doesn't start until next January. Her September 7th birthday doesn't meet the September 1st cut off and this program is for kids who don't make the cut off or weren't ready to start preschool in September. I have heard some great things about the school so I am really excited to check it out.
Their open house started today so we'll be checking it out in the next couple of days. I am also interested in checking out a local montessori preschool along with a co-op. I don't think this is the route we'll go, but I want to look into them anyway just in case. I mean this schooling might determine if Sydney will go to Harvard or just to the local community college one day. Totally kidding. No really, I just want a great program that comes highly recommended, close to home, affordable and one that she loves to go to twice a week.

My almost preschooler:


Jessica Zevely said...

what a precious little almost preschooler :) Love, Caca

April said...

You need to give me the 411 on this preschool. Not the co-op one, the other one. I am interested!

Syndey is adorable. I just love her smile.