Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pics from earlier in the week

Here are some pictures from earlier this week at school-
This is a typical activity for Sydney. She grabs a baby doll, takes off their clothes (see them in the basket?) and pushes the cart around. Sometimes she even has the red phone to her ear while pushing the cart around. Oh boy.

Sydney loves this thing-we pull it out whenever the kids can't play outside. She of course loves to climb up the ladder and slide. Then when she gets bored of the regular ladder she climbs up the side-where it's not meant to be a ladder. She's our little monkey.

Gimme your hand Cole!

How cute are these two? Giving each other a hug

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Wehunthouse said...

Azteca?! Man I have been jonesing for Azteca lately.
We did find a good Mexican place close by (called On the Border) but its no Azteca. :)