Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sydney's gym and my little car fanatic

Yesterday Sydney and I stopped in for open gym at Gymboree. My goal is to see how many times we can go there without having to pay. Technically I do have about 5 make up classes I never used from a year ago, so I keep telling them that. Eventually my hope is that we will look so familiar that they won't even ask. Okay, not like $5 isn't reasonable for two hours of play, because really it is. I think this is just going to be a fun game for me, to see how long we can play for free. Yes, apparently I have too much time on my hands.

Anyway, here is Sydney at what we like to call, "Sydney's gym."

Afterwards we had to take my car in to the Acura dealership because I had some dashboard warning light appear. Turns out it was an oxygen something or the other. Thank goodness for warranties. When we were at the dealership waiting for the loaner car we checked out the Acuras. We checked out the RDX first. Sydney sat in the seat, said "No" and got out. Next she sat in the TSX, immediately went through the arm rest to the backseat in about 6 seconds flat, and said, "No." She was not a fan. We ended up getting a 2008 Acura TL type S for our loaner, and it was sa-weet! Sydney commented the whole way to the mall, "Nice car mommy!" I loved driving the car, it was great. My car was actually done about 20 minutes before the shop closed but oops-I missed the call so I got to keep it for a night.

Sydney and I went to the mall and visited Nana where Sydney "freshened up."

Lastly we went to dinner with Nana at the Nordstrom cafe, yummy! I love the fruit, cheese and cracker plate for kids.
Here's Sydney and Nana:

Here's Sydney sporting her new sunglasses in the TL. I had the hardest time finding glasses that fit, and that actually had some UV protection. The cute ones from the Gap don't offer any UV protection-which is crazy to me.

Here's the infamous TL-nice loaner huh?


Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Sydney does have good taste! That is a very nice car! And what a treat to have access to Gymboree! We don't have anything like that here! I feel like we spend all of our time when we're at home with Hayden glued to a movie or the tv!!! I know...I'm terrible!

FlyingCats said...

I can't believe she's turning into a car snob too!!!!!! What have you done to your child????