Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Today we went to Jump Planet for Jackson's 4th birthday! Sydney of course had a blast, she loves the place so much. Last time we went she mastered climbing up the big slide ladder all by herself, and did all the other play areas by herself too. She's my brave big girl! She was holding her own with the boys and the big kids.

Sydney leading the pack climbing up the ladder-okay maybe she was slowing down the pack bu she did it by herself! It was funny though, some of the dads just carried her up after a while, it was quicker and she enjoyed the free ride.

Sydney decided to slide down on her front for a while. One particular run she actually rolled over a few times-we weren't sure if there were going to be tears or smiles. She loved it.

Jessica catching big air!

Jessica and her brother Juan

Jessica and Sydney

This is quite possibly the most unflattering picture of me, but also the funniest one. We decided to all go down at the same time-it almost worked, haha.

Me and the hubby

My little climber-her climbing ability amazes me

Jackson blowing out the candles

Sydney, aka Elvis

Jessica and her mom

Jess and Sydney with Syd sporting her new fave shoes-orange crocs that Jessica and Greg got her. And yes I did say my child would never wear crocs, but people keep buying them for her, she loves them and they are growing on me.

Sydney shoving M&M's in her mouth

The birthday boy!

Jessica and her favorite little man Jackson

We had a blast today, what a fun party! I think the adults had as much fun as the kids did with the slide and bouncing and climbing.
It was actually really great going to a birthday party here because I wanted to check out the party room at the place anyway for Sydney's birthday party. The play area at Jump Planet is great, it's my favorite one of all the jump places. The party room there was a bit small for a birthday party with kids and all their parents. I guess when kids get older the parents just drop them off, but all the parents stayed so it was a bit tight.
There also wasn't a particular area designated for opening presents so most the people couldn't see what gifts Jackson was opening. Although I like the play area better at Jump Planet, I think we might consider have Sydney's birthday party at Pump it Up because the party rooms are big, and they have this cool inflatable king/queen chair the kids can sit in when they open their gifts. We'll see-I have seven months to figure it out and I probably need to check out the other place again because the only time I have been was for Cameron's birthday and I wasn't checking it out for future parties at the time. And yes I am a perfectionist when it comes to parties. ;)


Anonymous said...

Damn, you are good....

Love all the new pics, especially the one with Anthony pulling Syd by the leg, and you holding on to her by the hand....too funny!!! What a good photographer to catch that I am...

Emily said...

That looks like a lot of fun!!! I want to go to Sydney's birthday party - especially if it is at a place like that!! :)

FlyingCats said...

Love the pic of all 3 of you sliding down. Syd is totally adorable. She could be a model or something! Have you thought of that? :-)

Stacy O said...

No weird, that thought has never crossed my mind. ;)