Monday, February 18, 2008

So cool!

Andrew mentioned a really cool website on his blog called Pandora, and I have to agree-it's super cool. It's a streaming music site and it plays the music you like. You enter in a singer, say Billy Joel, and it starts with a song by Billy, then goes on to play songs similar to Billy Joel-James Blunt, Sara Bareilles, Alanis Morissette, etc. You hear a lot of great new songs you probably haven't heard before and some favorites too. If you don't like a particular song you can tell it to not ever play that type of song and it won't. So check it Nice find Andrew!

Another really cool thing I learned tonight is a girl I was friends with in elementary school, Sarah, is married to the drummer of the group The Afters. Anyone heard of them? I totally hadn't heard of them but they have a song called, "Beautiful Love" that played on the opening of the short lived MTV show "8th and Ocean." I recognized the song because I always loved it so much. Anyway, check them out! Sarah was a cool girl and I hope her hubby's band does well!

Speaking of people from my high school who have made it-since I posted about Chris Walla and Death Cab for Cutie and all....another guy in my class who "made it" is Mark Dugdale. Okay, so totally not a commonplace name but he was Mr. USA in 2004 and I think even Mr. Olympia-as in the bodybuilding competition, not the city. haha. He was voted, "best body" in high school and apparently it went to his head because he is RIPPED. Like grossly ripped really. Anyway if you have too much time on your hands you'll have to check out his website. And don't worry men-no need to hit the gym, I think most women don't find this attractive. (No offense Mark, but not like you read this anyway.)

That about wraps it up for success stories in my class-thus far. I am still convinced I may be famous one day, although I still haven't figured out how. Hmm, I'll have to get back to you on that one.

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