Friday, February 15, 2008

Old friends, fun times

Today Sydney and I met up with an old friend of mine, Jessica, and her son Aidan.
Jessica and I were really great friends when we were twelve, during the summer right before 7th grade and the beginning of junior high. We spent every day during the summer together, hanging out, having water balloon fights with the neighbor boys, going to the movies, skateboarding around the neighborhood (yes I skateboarded, ha!), we had a blast and I have to say it was probably one of the best summers of my childhood. Jessica lived about 15 houses down from me in our neighborhood, it was great.
Then junior high began and we went our separate ways. We remained friendly over the years but we ran in different crowds and she eventually became a big track star at our school and set state records for her running. She was an amazing athlete, I'm still in awe!
Anyway, fast forward to a month ago when she found me on myspace and we finally met up!

We went to Dizzy's Bus Stop for their park and play and had a blast! They had some fun toys like the trampoline and big slide, and they also had another room with a "marketplace" a basketball hoop, and a bin of dress up clothes. Definitely fun and worth the trip out there.

Jessica's son Aidan is 18 months old and was such a cute little boy. He's really little too, Sydney looked like a giant next to him! Of course he's a good kid though, we share the same birthday! We hit it off and I am looking forward to meeting up with them again for future playdates. We will have to call Jessica something other than Jessica though. I was telling Sydney that Aidan's mom's name is Jessica and Sydney told me "no." She already has a Jessica! So I will call this Jessica "JC" for now on since the two Jessica's is confusing anyway and Sydney's not having it.
Here are some pictures from our day:

Sydney loved jumping on the trampoline


The super fast slide!

The fun little marketplace. Sydney loved the cash register and money.

The girl can't walk by a shopping cart without pushing it around

Little Aidan man

Syd loved dressing up as Santa Claus!

What would you like for Christmas little boy?

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April said...

Next time you go there, call me! I want to take Gibson....that looks like alot of fun!