Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sicky girl

Yesterday in the middle of Sydney's ballet class I noticed her nose was running like crazy. It's been running ever since and she didn't sleep very well last night so we decided to miss school today. Such a bummer since she loves school so much and we are going to miss next week too. But we certainly don't want to make all the other kids sick and I thought we'd lay low today so she can make a full recovery for the big trip in a few days. The thing is with this kid-even when she's sick she acts like she is normal. Here's a video of my sick girl twirling around and watching her favorite show, "Jon and Kate plus eight."

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Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Hayden is the SAME way! Even with the flu, he was up and running the day of diagnosis!!! It's amazing what Tylenol can do! Hope Syd is feeling better by the weekend! We send lots of get well hugs and kisses from Mississippi

FlyingCats said...

She is sooo cute! You might want to think to dope her up with some decongestant before the flight. Sonya and Aaron were in tears when landing from the pressure (the both had remnanats of colds). Can't wait to see you!!!!