Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More lipstick Cole?

Today Cole came over for a bit while Kristin ran a few errands. It was actually pretty easy since the kids went down for a nap thirty minutes after Cole came over. They were beat! School takes a lot out of a two year old you know-all that running around and exploring.
The kids had fun playing beforehand. This was the funniest, Sydney ran after Cole for quite a while, trying to put lipstick on his lips. (It's pretend lipstick, I really don't let my child play with real lipstick.) Cole thought it was a sucker and kept licking it. Silly kids. Perhaps she'll be one of those pushy perfume ladies who stand in the department stores, trying to spray you with perfume? Oh boy.
Tonight Sydney ran to my craft room, checking to see if Cole's pack and play was still in there. In fact she checked several times, every time she walked by saying, "Nope Cole sleeping." She loved having Cole in the next room.
Here's a video of my future department store perfume lady stalking her prey.

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And one note about Dropshots-it is super quick but the quality of the video isn't that great. The videos look really nice on my computer but once they get uploaded they are not so great.


FlyingCats said...

Poor Cole! But he looks like he's loving the attention from a pretty girl, lol!

April said...

Your such a mean mommy! *I* would totally let my child play with REAL lipstick. Cha! (wink, wink)