Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine Pics!

Kristin's sister Dana took some really great pictures of the kids last week. She works at a photography studio and fit us into her busy schedule. It's actually pretty amazing any of the pictures turned out because well-they're two and they have a mind of their own. Anyway, Dana did a wonderful job and these are some of my favorites:

The three amigos

And one with Jakey

The girls

Samantha-that tongue cracks me up



Samantha and baby Jacob-I absolutely love this picture!

Cole and Sydney-these two have been the best of friends for almost two years now!

This picture reminds me of the next picture-taken the summer of 2006. Seriously, this picture makes me want to cry. These two are so darn adorable.

Okay, and while I am at it-here are a couple more. I forgot how much I loved these pictures and I am reminded that I really need to frame them.

I love the expressions on their faces

And my little angel

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Georgia said...

sooo cute! im hoping we can play this summer for sure~ my winters are so hard!!