Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Party at our place!

We hosted a fun playdate at our house today! There were nine kids here and of course the mommies (and nanny.) We played outside for a bit, ate lunch and played some more inside. Sydney was so excited to have her friends over and hopped around quite a bit.
The kids playing outside
Kaden aka little British man
Cordelia and Angie
Sydney and Samantha decided to take a break and sit with the moms
Courtland having fun with his hat
Samantha and Syd coloring
Little Jacob taking a snooze-all the kids wear a boy out!
Courtland loves the bus!
Eight month old Ada is an expert climber! She climbed these stairs multiple times
Sydney still thinks her bumbo is neato

1 comment:

Wehunthouse said...

Wow. Man I bet you guys had a great time. Maddy asks every day to watch Sydney on my cell phone. and if I ever mention friends she always says Sydney? and runs around calling her.
We miss you guys!!