Friday, February 29, 2008


Today we met up with some friends at Dizzy's bus stop. Holy moly-when Jessica C and I went a couple weeks ago we were the only ones there and it was awesome. Today it was packed! I think we broke the fire marshall codes actually. It was still great to see our friends but this is the kind of place that is best when you have the place ALL to yourself. haha.

Samantha and Syd jumping
Cutie pie baby Jacob
Fun times with Dess-e-ca

Jessica has a way with the kiddos

We went to McDonalds after we played and the girls got ice cream. Cordelia told us she had never had ice cream before so I took a picture to blackmail Jessica, haha. I think Cordelia meant ice cream cones, not the ice cream.
Sydney loved her cone!
And this is how Syd eats ice cream. It cracks me up, and it takes FOREVER!

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