Thursday, February 28, 2008

My little Betty Crocker

Sydney loves to cook and clean. This certainly can't come from me. Okay, the cooking is obviously from daddy. She loves to help him make breakfast and lately she has been helping me make lunch. She also LOVES playing in play kitchens, she can't get enough. She's my little Betty Crocker...or perhaps Rachael Ray.

The cleaning part baffles me. Okay, no I am not a total slob but just not always the tidiest of people. Sydney will ask for a paper towel to clean up any water on the floor. She moves the chairs around to pick up any dropped food under her chair. She finds teeny tiny pieces of anything on the floor and hands it to me to throw it away, or she just does it herself. We'll walk into the family room and she'll take a look at a few things on the floor and say to me, "Mommy, pick up mess." At school she takes the vacuums and vacuums up near the sensory tables when rice or other stuff gets spilled. And when I do clean she notices and tells me, "Nice clean mom." It's pretty funny.

Here are a couple pictures of my little domestic goddess:

Making her Dora chicken noodle soup
Making muffins with daddy-she actually did most of it. Puppy might have helped too.

And a video of Sydney helping daddy make pancakes from a recipe and mix Pop-o sent up.

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FlyingCats said...

Duh - she gets the cleaning part from Jess. Watch out, or she'll be wanting to wipe down the counters with rubbing! She is way too cute!

Georgia said...

lol, i dont know who "flyingcats" is..but that is the best comment ever! that is so true about jess! maybe she needs to spend some more time with my husband..! lol!!