Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let's get this potty started....

Okay okay, I'll stop with the potty/party songs. I just couldn't help it, and yes I am a total dork. haha.

Sydney's been wearing her big girl underwear all afternoon! When we got home from Jackson's birthday party at Jump Planet I noticed Sydney hadn't pottied so I took her to the potty and she went. I asked if she wanted to wear her big girl underwear and she was so excited. She took a nap in them with no accident, and so far it's been a success all afternoon and evening! I will definitely be putting her in a diaper tonight before bedtime but I think we'll start doing the big girl underwear while at home. She'll probably have an accident or two but she is such a neat freak and completely loses it when she spills anything on her clothes so I think one or two accidents in her pants will probably be the last. We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime I ordered this portable potty seat because Syd's been asking to use the potty while we are out in public places. I found a super cute one with Elmo on it but the reviews on it are horrible and it's not very durable. This one looks much better. It just folds up and I can just wipe it down with sanitizing wipes and stick it in a baggy. Plus it has handles so she can hold on to them instead of the seat. While I was at it I ordered this portable potty chair for the car. This will be perfect in the back of my SUV, and it folds up into a briefcase. We are always out and about and I think this will be great for when there isn't a toilet available (or they're just too gross.) We also have our big road trip to Oregon and California this July.

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