Monday, February 18, 2008

Dirt don't hurt

Today's weather was so nice-okay, it was 50 degrees but the sun was out and it was great. We played outside before and after Sydney's nap and she loved every second of it. She kept trying to bargain for more time-two more minutes, peas?

Check out Sydney's cute new sunglasses-she loves these Minnie Mouse sunglasses.
Oh yes, and our saying for the day was, "Dirt don't hurt." She wanted me to clean every single thing off, including the shovels and the wood around the play area. I told her, "Sydney-dirt don't hurt" and well, it helped, she said it for awhile, but she still has an aversion to the dirt. Such a girly girl.


Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

Can Sydney call Hayden and tell him that dirt might hurt just a little so that he'll stop eating it! LOL! Love the Minnie Mouse glasses! She looks like she's getting ready to meet the 1st lady of Mickeytown anyday now!

FlyingCats said...

She is quite the ham, isn't she? I'm excited to see you all in 2 weeks!!!!!