Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sydney and I spent Valentine's Day with two of our favorite people, Greg and Jessica. They are celebrating tomorrow night when Greg takes Jessica to The Sizzler. Totally kidding, but that would be funny huh? I have a feeling he is taking her someplace a bit more upscale.

We went to an awesome Mexican place just around the corner from their house, Senor Moose Cafe. I have to say it was probably the best Mexican I have ever had. Seriously. My new fave!

On the way home I turned the radio to 107.7 The End and listened to an interview with a kid I went to school with since the 2nd grade, Chris Walla. He is in the band Death Cab for Cutie and he has a new solo album that just came out. He was such a cool kid in school and I am so happy for his success.

When we arrived home we opened up a special card and pretty bracelet from Mam-o and Pop-o, Sydney loves the bracelet! Then we opened up a special box from Jessica and Greg, packed with candy, books, a stuffed animal, stickers and other fun things. Boy does Sydney love presents!

Here are some pictures of Sydney after eating her Valentine's candy, what a goofball! It only took a few minutes for the sugar to kick in.

And checking out the motorcycles in Anthony's magazine. Sydney told daddy, "I ride that bike!" Oh boy.

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