Thursday, February 7, 2008

Our fun times with Mam-O

Mam-o went back to California yesterday and we were sad to see her go. Sydney has been talking about her non-stop, she even built a Lego house for her, and she doesn't build a house for just anyone.

Believe it or not, Mam-o takes more pictures than I do! Amazing.
Here are some of her pictures from school on Tuesday:

Cole and Sydney on the way to school

Sydney and Samantha playing in the water table

Painting with cars

Cole REALLY loved this activity-he is responsible for about 90% of the paint on here.

Sydney and Samantha waiting patiently for snack time

This was hilarious-while the boring boys climbed up the regular ladder, Samantha and Syd went for the challenge and climbed up the side. Impressive climbing girls!

Sydney showing Mam-o her horse. She loved having an audience.

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