Friday, February 8, 2008

My girl likes to potty all the time...

Ten points to the person who can name the singer of that song, of course "potty" needs to be replaced with "party."

Sometimes I feel like we are going to be potty training forever. Sydney started sitting on the potty a month before she turned two, so six months now. Yes we are making progress but we are still far from being diaper free. She usually potties on the potty 1-2 times a day and has even pooped on the potty. Sometimes she just likes to hang out on the potty and does nothing, and ten minutes after getting off the potty she potties in her diaper. Perhaps when we get back from D-land I'll get serious and really work on it. For now I've been trying the laid back approach which is to wait until she tells me she needs to go.
Oh well, she's ready when she's ready and I am just here to assist, right?

She has become obsessed with all things potty though. Her animals all "go potty" and she pointed out Mr. M&M that Mam-o brought for her is also sitting on the potty-check it out-looks like it huh? Sydney is very observant.

My proud girl on her potty after a successful visit. She asked me to take a picture of her on my "pamera." I'm fairly certain in ten years this picture will not be one of her faves.

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